Thursday, September 15, 2011

So.... Missoni for Target. People were apparently so stoked for this collection that it crashed the freaking website. PEOPLE. CRASHED. THE. TARGET. WEBSITE. I cannot imagine!

Missoni is iconic for bold prints and stripes and I admire anyone who is willing to put themselves out there and make a statement. I personally was eyeing some of the girls'... yes GIRLS... stuff. But because I am a broke college student, I was waiting for my paycheck and now I can't get squat.

The girls hoodie is on the left, girls sweater in the middle. The right is a woman's robe, but I would TOTALLY rock it as a shirt/shawl. I love the print and that plum is in for fall. I'm also looking at the train case so that I have two train cases for my makeup collection.


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